Gippsland East Aboriginal Driver Education Project (GEADEP)

Program Summary

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The Let’s GET Connected Transport project, in consultation with indigenous support services and community groups across Gippsland East, identified that unlicenced driving, unroadworthy vehicles, financial barriers, lack of personal identification and access barriers to education and training was a serious social and road safety problem within the indigenous community.

Two of the major barriers identified were the financial hardship experienced by the indigenous community in obtaining and maintaining a drivers licence, costs associated with owning and maintaining a vehicle and personal identification.

Up to March 2009, the GEADEP has supported the Gippsland East aboriginal community achieve 70 learners permits, 40 probationary licences, 4 endorsed licences, 15 employment outcomes, 13 enrolments to education and training and assisted over 300 people obtain their birth certificates or register their births for the first time.

Details of this program are attached, along with case studies of those involved in the program.



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Contact Details

Rhonda James, Transport Project Coordinator
Phone: (03) 5153 9500
Email: rhondaj [at] egipps [dot] vic [dot] gov [dot] au

Travel Mode: Car
Region: Regional
Year of publication: 2009
Partner Agency: Mission Australia
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